We seek to inspire future generations to know and explore the beauty behind the art of eyebrows.

25 years ago, being a teenager, I discovered my passion for beauty. I started with the simple training of my mom on how to pluck facial hairs with a thread. I found it very interesting and fascinating. This is a very common technique practiced in beauty salons in Iran. Later on, I developed my own technique and added the art of eyebrow shaping to achieve the perfection for each face.

Years of practice, plus passion, led me to open up my own studio in Dominican Republic. The first professional beauty studio dedicated exclusively to the eyebrows, where beyond simply just cleaning the eyebrows, facial features are studied to achieve the best shape using the millennial technique of threading.

Our mission is to expand the culture of eyebrow care, as an essential part of the face, which deserves dedicated time and care. As a company, we are dedicated to ensure the following values: love what we do, honesty and integrity, customer service quality, profit from work that benefits humanity, unequivocal excellence in all aspects of company, never being satisfied, creativity, dreams and imagination, and making the difference in our era.